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VIDEO: Manly P. Hall Lecture – Tragedy of the Broken Doll

February 26, 2010 1 comment

Manly P. Hall is a proponent of the Universal Spirit of Truth.  He largely served as my point of introduction to the Wisdom Traditions, and I respect him.  Greatly, in fact.

His work flowed serendipitously into my life at the age of 19 (I’m 36 now, I do not mind saying).  The first time, I set the book on the coffee table like art.  It was art in many ways, but art more worthy of a pedestal than a coffee table and I hadn’t realized it yet.  The second time, when similar but peculiar circumstances produced the same random gifting of the same rare book, I paid attention.

I found that I really connect to the Astrological thread that is woven throughout, and draws together, the vast composition of his life’s efforts.  This is the same thread I referred to as the Universal Spirit, which can provide relief from misconceived dogmas and unfold the understanding of Humanity as ONE.

I find myself returning to his words time and again; a body of work astounding in both breadth and depth.  Which brings me to my purpose here today – his lecture series alone comprises over 26 hours of audio, and this lecture numbers among my favorites.  When I saw it in my updates, I had to pass it along:



Sweet friend MM posted this and I am compelled to share.  I’ve been reading much about Egypt lately, so it felt especially timely on a personal level, but more than this, it isn’t often I come across material which speaks to the cyclic nature of consciousness and intelligence!

While it’s the 2nd of a 5 part series, the information stands on its own…

Magical Egypt : Intelligence

Video: The Preisthood of Amen-Ra, Liber Oz, and The Eyes of the World

This isn’t my standard video flavor per se, nor is it often that I devote an entire 10 minutes to just one such video, but this one hooked me, and kept me that way.  Not only that, when it was done I went to the Labyrinth of the Psychonaut for more!  It’s not even that I necessarily agree with every word being said, but more that I appreciate the brilliance with which the narrator weaves together valuable revelations of the Great Synchro-Mystery and provokes experiences with contemplation…

Liber 88

After four months of redevelopment, LIBER 88 is finally back and will continue to expand!  There is a glitchy domain name issue that the host informs me will be around until their next upgrade, but I’ll take it as all pages are now accessible!  WOOT!  Let me know what you think…

Today’s “Extreme Supermoon”

Before I came across the aforementioned Moses Siregar article on the Astrology behind Haiti, my intention was to write about today’s Full Moon (waxing perfect as I type this).  Having already posted on Astrology this week my intention changed until I found my day filled with “signs” bearing witness of its energy…

The Full Moon is occurring at 10°15 in Leo.  My first Google Alert comes for the topic ‘Gematria’ today, and the first blog post is for “A Lion’s Might”, lion and might (in Hebrew) having the same vibrational weight and quality.  “A Lion’s Might” could be a good descriptor for this Moon!

Also, I happen to arrive at page 111 in the book I am reading, which begins to unfold the esoteric correspondences between the Moon, the Sun, Light, and the Lion.  Needless to say, my thoughts turned often to the Moon today, now setting the night aglow in silver and orange, and culminating in this entry.

If it looks extra big, that’s because it is.  It is what has been referred to as a “Supermoon” or, more technically, a perigee-syzygy.  A syzygy is simply a notable union between three celestial bodies, namely the Sun, Moon, and Earth or another planet, and is most often used to refer to the New or Full Moon.  Perigee is applied when the Moon is at 90% or greater of its closest approach to Earth.

Although this Leo Full Moon is one of five Supermoons this year, this one has the most “might”.  According to the Encyclopedia of Planetary Sciences, a perigee-syzygy can raise waters 40% above their average.  This specific Moon is additionally called “Extreme” because it is the 3rd of only 17 Supermoons that will approach 100% or greater of the mean perigee this century.

Today, and the energies surrounding today, are likely to bring self-expansion and self-direction into contrast (for the purpose of comparing and harmonizing) with transpersonal and humanitarian ideas and ideals.  We may be shown where are personal desires are in conflict with our sense of compassion and justice… or how the freedom and independence we search for on the outside can be found by Liberating the might of the Lion from within.  Shed what no longer servers you in favor of Ultimate Truths!

The Book of Genesis and the Geometry of the Genetic Code

January 19, 2010 17 comments

Let proportion be found not only in numbers, but also in sounds, weights, times, and positions

~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Any familiar with my writings might already know that I love The Bible Wheel site and find the work of its author, Richard McGough, both consummate and inspired.   In fact, I would even go so far to say that in my 17 years of Hebrew language and Gematria studies, only a handful of resources have revealed as much!  His Wheel is profound and his work often leads the way to correspondence and symbol tongue I would have otherwise missed.

It is from Richard’s site where I first learned of the “hexagram within a hexagram” pattern repeated throughout many Hebrew and Greek text.  You see, there is another “Bible Code” beyond that which made the term famous, and it is based on the geometry of the alphanumeric structure of each word and verse (i.e. Gematria).  It is through this method, this most ancient practice, that the aforementioned pattern was discovered.

This pattern relies on two prime numbers, which are in reflection of one another, 37 and 73.  They, and their multiples, are largely found as the values of words and verses that pertain to themes of Wisdom and Creation.  Here are a few of the many examples:



The Heart, Unit, The Only, Behold, Flame, Magnify


Wisdom, Thy Creator, Life, Embryo


Genesis v1.1

I have previously examined Genesis v1.1 on Blog 88 in reference to the Solfeggio Frequencies and Creation, and find myself astounded by the truly abyssal depth of that verse!  It seems to unfold unlimited streams of Knowledge… similar to the potential of Above…

When each Hebrew word is calculated and added together in that verse, the sum, as shown, is 2107.  This is, of course, 37 x 73.  Intriguingly, as I suggested above, 37 and 73 can be arranged as a hexagram of 37 units forming the perimeter around an internal hexagram of 73 units.  What’s more, in a hexagram of 73 units, the heart of the star – its hexagon – is 37 units in size, and if each unit is provided a number, snaking from one tip to its opposite, the central number is 37!

Now, to the point of this post.  It was in exploring the interrelationship of these two number palindromes that I came across the work of Craig Paardekooper.  Namely, I came across his insightful e-book titled Genetic Patterns, which explores the geometry and mathematical patterning of the genetic code.  Wow!  I had to share!  I read the 36 pages twice in one sitting and then read it again, out loud to my husband.

Mr. Paardekooper pairs the enlightening gematric work of Vernon Jenkins with that of renowned mathematician and geneticist Vladimir Shcherbak.  It is important to note that while Jenkins work largely focuses on the Creation narrative, he is also the former Senior Lecturer of the Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Sciences at the University of Glamorgan in Wales.  The results of this pairing are stunning – not only because a clear marriage between modern science and significant ancient text is revealed, but because it is all easily self-authenticating.  And – for those already versed in Gematria – the revelations potentially unfolded from Paardekooper’s 36-pages run at an even greater depth.

What I love is that he clearly shows us how both Genesis v1.1 and the amino acid structure of the genetic code relate to the number 2107 and multiples of 37×73  AND both geometrically form this pyramid:

Indeed, 666 is truly a Human number!

Who are you Madame Blavatsky?

I have long maintained a sideline interest in Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society.  I say “sideline” because I’ve admittedly never been inspired to read more than a page or two of her consummate works at a time, yet at the same time find her fascinating.  An interest that has only been spurred by the fact that my brother-in-law, Prism (I come from hippies), goads me with the insistence that I must have been Helena in a past life whenever I get to talking… I find no truth in the jest but strangely, she is a topic that comes up in my life pretty consistently.

Case in point – good friend “E” just sent me this nifty documentary, titled the same as this post.  You can buy it here or locate it through various sources on-line.  It was made in 1991 starring a popular Russian actress and received critical acclaim.  The film claims that Blavatsky was the first person to state that all the world’s religions were from the same source.

Here are more resources on Madame Blavatsky: